Computer Lab

We have the computer labs that are equipped with the latest computers and these computers are connected through a highly reliable network in the university, and a highly reliable internet serves as a backbone for connecting our computer with the world.


At our campus, we play all general sports that include Cricket, Football, Badminton plus some brain storming games like chess, and some games for fun like carrom board and ludo. With every new year comes a new week that is dedicated to sports, and all students and most of the staff participate in different games. At the end of the sports week, there is a ceremony for distribution of the prizes accordingly.


We have a library that has over 1500 books for each program that is offered. The books are all latest editions, so that students be aware of the current condition of what they are studying. Besides the course books, there are a lots of reference and general books in the library.


We have students from all over Makran that are enrolled in different programs at our university. These students includes some of those that are not resident of Turbat. For them, we have provided a hostel. With all basic needs and a comfortable, secure location in the city.

Student Guidance and Counselling Center

The student Guidance and Counseling Center has been established to work for the development of students in terms of academic and scholarly endeavors. It strives for the placement and pursuits of students. The purpose of this facility is to provide updated and advanced information to students for their academic as well as personal development. Furthermore, students are garnered assistance in making appropriate choices at the right time and develop insights for appropriate alternatives. It helps in making career choices, academic planning and exploring future profession and opportunities on the basis of the needs of time and circumstances.


Our mission is to provide extensive self-services focused on students and their career planning process. These services help the students in identification, preservation and promotion of the traditions and values of University of Turbat. The Student Guidance and Counseling Center aims to help students identify their talents, areas of interest and values in making significant career choices. More importantly, various workshops and presentations are held on topics like interview techniques, career expectations etc to build students’ confidence to respond to the new challenges of academic excellence and professionalism. This center is established to examine self-related abilities, interests, evaluate experiences and choose values to identify compatible occupations. Students are supported to discover career planning, by organizing information about oneself and occupations providing ways to bring this information together in order to make appropriate decisions. This facility also provides information about all the Bachelor and Masters programs offered by University of Turbat.

Our Core Objectives

  1. To help students make appropriate career choices and direction.
  2. To Counsel students to develop their academic career interests in the context of their short and long term goals.
  3. To provide information and understanding regarding scholarships.
  4. To help students enhance and polish their communication skills.
  5. To organize activities like seminars, lectures, workshops etc.

                                                                                                       Changiz Ahmed,

                                                                                 Incharge Student Guidance and Counseling

                                                                                                University of Turbat, Kech