The Department of Education welcomes you at University of Turbat. The Department of Education is newly established department with experienced, committed and highly talented faculty members and academic staffs that are decided to develop and offer world-class undergraduate and graduate programs. Currently, 4-years B.ed (Hons) ,1-year M.ed and 2-years M.A program are offered, and it is being planned to initiate a graduate program (M.Phil. / M.Phil. Leading to PhD) in “Education” with specialization in different fields of Education.

Being a social science, Education emphasizes much of the efforts of Educationalists and scientists to improve life for mankind. The Education program at University of Turbat is, thus, designed to give students a grasp of the basic principles of social sciences through a course of study and research to enable them to offer solutions to the daily-life challenges. The theoretical background of students are further expanded through carefully designed courses of societal experiences to demonstrate basic concepts and experiencing techniques that serve you as a stepping stone to research in modern Education.

Faculty members in the Education department are taking initiatives to build-up infrastructure facilities for conducting research programs to develop new knowledge and experiences such as, educational psychologists and educational philosophers. These types of men have potential applications in different aspect of human life such as diagnostics and treatment of various mental and ethical issues, etc. Faculty members are trying to develop national and international linkages for collaborative educational research that would be very helpful for the successful implementation of projects such as educational research projects.

Chairman's Message

Education is a good discipline of science and it plays very vital role in the field of social sciences. Education is the science that enables us to use of non-material things for providing ease of life. It is necessary to train our young generation to understand the principles, code of conduct and ethos underlying the composition, structure and properties of ethics, and it also enables you to utilize these codes for benefit of mankind. The Department of Education at University of Turbat is well established and equipped libraries and infrastructure along with experienced academic staff for pursuing this task. The Graduate and Master programs in Education are set to meet the upcoming requirements of competent human resource for the national and international community. The Department of Education offers all discipline of Education including Guidance and Counseling, Curriculum Development, Computer Education and physical and biological Education at B.ed, M.ed and M.A. level.

The student-faculty interaction in Education Department at University of Turbat provides a unique and intellectual environment to ensure excellent undergraduate/graduate education and research with a potential to produce important and exciting societal discoveries. Faculty members of Department of Education always welcome the students to discuss academic/non-academic matters related to their studies at University of Turbat and their future plans. We also promote and guide our students to get scholarships/fellowships for graduate studies at the best universities of the world.

Mission, Vision, Goal, and Core Value


Our vision to become of one of the leading department in the field of Education and social sciences to provide quality of education and research to national and international community.

Mission statement:

Our mission is to provide best social Scientists, Educationalists and educational leaders in the field of education for the benefit of national and international community


Our goal is to provide good facilitators to the all levels of Education

Core Value:

Our core value is to make highly Educational intellectual.


Dr. Syed Gulzar Ali Shah Bukhari

  • Assistant Professor (Chairman)
  • PhD (Higher Education), Xiamen University, P. R. China
  • Higher Education Leadership & Management, Higher Education Quality and Assessment, Student Learning & Development, Educational Technology
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Mr. Manzoor Ahmed

  • Lecturer
  • Master in Education, Master in Sociology
  • Secondary Education, Assessment & Evaluation
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Mr. Muhammad Tariq

  • Lecturer
  • Master in Education, Master in English Literature
  • Teacher Education, Educational psychology
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Ms. Ruqia

  • Lecturer
  • MPhil in Education
  • Educational Administration & Educational Research & Pedagogical Skills
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Ms. Mehnaz Bashir

  • Lecturer
  • Master in Education, Aga Khan University, Karachi
  • Educational Leadership & Management, Educational Psychology, Research
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Academic Programs

The Department of Education presently offers two programs at University of Turbat.

  • B.ed (4Years) program
  • M.ed(1year) program
  • M.A. (2Years) Program

Future Program:

Our future goal in the Education Department is to commence M.Phil program and highly equipped human resource for national and international research purpose.

Career Scope:

The department of Education at university of Turbat aims to produce gifted figures in the realm of Education

  • Environment
  • Industry
  • Forensic
  • Society and Community