Commerce departments of all universities play pivotal role in the development of the trade and commerce in the respective territory. The same agenda has been sworn by the commerce department of University of Turbat as well. Previously, the department was working as a sub-department of commerce department of University of Balochistan, where we were unable to make any innovative initiation; however, since the appointment of our honorable Vice Chancellor Dr. Abdul Razzak Sabir and his statutory body, we feel a sense of independence in our activities where they encourage us to be engaged in all fields of innovation and development.

Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science trains future educators, researchers and professionals through an intensely personal engagement in a set of research activities that span the development of fundamental knowledge about computational processes, the design of new computing systems and methods, and the creation of novel applications that benefit society at large.

Management Sciences

So far the Department of Management Sciences has started two programs, The Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Business Administration (Executive). The department intended to starts The Master of Business Administration (Morning). The department will work to build a good relation in trade and industry sector of the region to prosper the business, commerce and economy as a whole.