Message of Vice Chancellor

Thank you for choosing University of Turbat for your academic pursuits. In fact, in the modern era advanced knowledge is the most important contributor to professional and economic development. University of Turbat was established through a charter issued by the Governor Balochistan on May 28th, 2012. UoT is the second general highest seat of learning in the public sector in Balochistan having noble task to provide higher education to the people of Mekran Division which is 1/8th of the entire area of the province.
The coastal region of the country known as Mekran is one of the largest geographical sections of Balochistan. Despite backwardness, the area is rich in mineral potential, marine resources, and brilliant progress friendly human resources. The people of Mekran are keen to achieve higher education; in the past, to seek higher education at their doorsteps has remained a dream of the people of Mekran. The dream by the people of Makran to acquire higher education at their door steps was con¬verted into veracity when University of Turbat was established. University of Turbat at Kech (UoT) is in its preliminary phase of establishment. University of Turbat is the second General University in Public sector in the province.
Being the first and founder Vice Chancellor of University of Turbat I welcome the KECHIANS (students of University of Turbat at Kech) with the expectations that their stay would be worthwhile for the region and their own future career.

Professor Dr. Abdul Razzaq Sabir
Vice Chancellor
University Of Turbat